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Core features/modules for college management

Hammer has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

Facilitate almost every processes of your college, from admission of new students, ID cards, fees, certifications, automatic reports and many more. We could also do feasible customization according to your requirements.

Administration/User Management

This feature is only for the admin of the software. Under this feature the admin can set the role on the particular user according to their work. The admin can also keep the check on the each user and also have authority to change the access or delete the user.

  • Role assign to the user
  • User wise report collection
  • View/edit the login credentials and role of the user
  • View user wise log summary
  • Day close feature (For security purpose)

Admission and Pre – Admission

Make your admission process easy, faster and paper free with college software. Saving the student data in software can helps the college administration to have a clear visibility on student’s details for future if needed.

  • Issue unique ID to each student
  • Monitor the student admission process
  • Admission forms
  • Maintain the each and every detail of student like proper address, phone number, image and many more
  • Emergency contact availability
  • Fee plan management
  • Keep record of choose subject by student
  • Academic record (Previous academic history of student)
  • Document submission at the time of admission
  • Admission references record
  • Class wise strength

Strong Fee Management

Colleges are the big hub of education with the number of students and faculty. It is not so easy to maintain the complete record manually of the fees of particular student. Colleges can maintain the complete record in easiest way with the help of Hammer.

  • Fee collections/summary detail (Daily/Head/class wise)
  • Smoothness in fee submission process
  • Easily create ledgers
  • Manage the record of pending fees
  • Set reminders for pending fees
  • Complete analysis of late fee submitters
  • Different fee reporting
  • Allocate fee class and student wise
  • Manage fee discounts
  • Customized fee receipt printing
  • Fee register
  • Training fees
  • Student ledger
  • Fund bifurcation fee management
  • Due fees summary/detail (Date/branch/ fee head wise)
  • Actual/planned Inflow
  • Fee and security refund summary

Accounts Management

This is the useful feature of Hammer. Though this software you can manage the complete record of account and can check the daily entry. You can also have a look on the profit and loos statement so that you can have a check on the daily expenses.

  • Fund utilizations
  • Ledger
  • Bank statement
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Trial balance
  • Day book
  • Cash book
  • Group summary (Date wise and month wise)
  • Profit/loss statement
  • Balance sheet

Student/Staff Attendance

Student Attendance

There is no need of marking attendance on the attendance register. The student can mark their attendance with the help of software. Hammer is fully compatible with the bio metric machine which mean the student can only mark present with their thumb impression or the unique ID cards issued by the college administration. So there is no room for defaulters.

  • Marking of attendance become easy
  • Different reporting of attendance
  • Day wise attendance
  • Lecture wise attendance
  • Semester wise attendance
  • Send SMS to parents for absent and present students
  • RFID and biometric integration
  • Leave application (management approval)

Faculty Attendance

Under this feature you can mark attendance of employee. This feature contain various masters which are used in transactions or reports. You can view or print various reports regarding attendance using data entered in 'Masters' or 'Transactions'.

  • Add employee
  • Add designation
  • Add primary department
  • Define timing
  • Add secondary department
  • Add work location
  • Gazette holidays
  • Import reports
  • Manual attendance
  • Search card no
  • List of employees
  • Attendance register (Daily/monthly)
  • Employee wise attendance detail
  • List of employee not present
  • IN /OUT log summary
  • Late comers summarized
  • Export to excel
  • Backup and restore
  • Manage user

Library Management


Administrator menu contain various masters which are used in other transactions and reports.

  • Add a book
  • Publisher/source binder
  • Add student
  • Add teacher/staff
  • Print barcode
  • Make payments
  • Define binding cost
  • Transfer students
  • Manage users

Book circulation

With this feature librarian can track the record of the book that which book issue to which student and when.

  • Issue books
  • Books return
  • Re issue of books
  • Books binding order
  • Biding receiving
  • Stock taking entry
  • Write off books
  • Reserve books

Serial control

This menu contain transactions related to 'Serial Control’. Serials acquisition, serials monitoring and serials queries based on search parameters like serial name, publisher etc. is available. Complete binding management with prompting for serials ready for binding facility available. Automatic reminder generation on start-up of software.

  • Add new title
  • Subscription order
  • Periodicals attendance
  • Set preparation
  • Binding orders
  • Receiving/accessening

Fine & Dues

Under this feature you can easily calculate the fine & dues of books misplace, book late submit and so on.

  • Fine collection entry
  • Student fine list
  • Teachers fine list
  • Non-teaching staff fine
  • Fine collection detail
  • Fine setup


With the academic result feature college administration can keep the eye or record on the student performance.

  • Results can be customized according to the education board/university
  • Can easily sent the SMS about the student performance to their parents
  • On demand report generation
  • Print of the complete report


Now manage your college inventory in more effective way with Hammer. Goods, suppliers, purchase orders, create intents are getting easier to manage.

  • Unit measurement
  • Manage suppliers
  • Create and manage item categories
  • Material receipts
  • Purchase orders
  • Add/remove items
  • Tax master
  • Received/return/issued
  • Manage item location
  • Search items

Front Desk Reception

Reception is the most important work field are of any institution. Each and every documents, orders, records and many more important things should pass from the reception desk. So, it’s important to manage the reception part in smart and easiest way so there should be no chance of missing or errors.

  • Student verification
  • Gate pass
  • Call register
  • Telephone dairy
  • Dispatch masters
  • Receipt masters
  • Enquiry explorer
  • Railway and bus pass form
  • Can easily set the reminders like balance fee reminders, pending documents reminders and many more


Now it's time to become automate with Hammer. This software make whole college transportation work more secure and safe. Through this software you can manage buses routes, stops, timing, students & fee and can also track bus location.

  • Manage bus routine, routes & stops
  • Calculate the transportation fees
  • Allocate route to students / staff
  • Generate various reports
  • Easy record search
  • Complete record of bus driver
  • Maintain the reminder of the document expire like insurance, pollution and many more

Customized Certificate Generation

Fill the certificate of each student manually is not an easy task. So Hammer will help you to make your task easy. Just give command with the admission number of the student.

  • Customize the certificates in your own wording
  • Issue certificate to student
  • Easily create a normal documents using smart tags

College Calendar

Manage the holidays, events and many more has become easier to manage with Hammer.

  • List view of events, examination and holidays in the calendar
  • Separate colour for each action as categorized items above
  • Monthly view of all events with printing

Hostel & Mess Management

Hammer is the modern and effective way of managing hostel facilities at your campus. This feature is fully equipped with rooms allocations/de-allocations, buildings & rooms management, hostel attendance, hostel fee, visitors details etc.

  • Manage hostel
  • Add/edit/delete/view hostel
  • Add/edit/delete/view rooms
  • Room allotment, room transfer
  • Allocate rooms to the students
  • Create hostel fee collection date
  • Collect hostel fee
  • View hostel fee defaulters
  • Receive hostel fee student wise

Custom Imports/Exports

To import/export the data is really time consuming task and also not so easy to import/export whole data manually. But colleges can make it easy with Hammer.

  • Import library book details
  • Import student data
  • Export all important reports

Photo Capture Facility

  • You can capture photo of students/members through web cam. There is no need to scan photo separately
  • Book's title page and end page can be added after scanning for the quick identification of the book at any step

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is the major part of the library module which is required at the time of inspection.

  • OPAC
  • Books special search
  • Student ledger
  • Accession register
  • Special search
  • Circulation records
  • Member history
  • Catalogue/stock printing
  • Most and least circulated books
  • Print book list
  • Work report
  • Book never circulated
  • Count by titles
  • Book count on status
  • Count by subject
  • Count by classifications
  • Count by author/publisher
  • Count by source
  • Periodicals received/non received/pending/dues
  • Stock taking report

Add Reminders

Through this feature you can create the whole account record or you can check the daily entry and profit and loss statement.

  • Balance sheet preparation
  • Day Book (Online)
  • Profit/loss statement
  • Trial balance
  • Ledger of all parties

Customized RFID Card Compatible with Biometric

It’s not an easy to remember the name and detail of the each student. So there is an option to issues the unique ID to each student. In this ID’s there is complete detail of student.

  • Easily designing and printing of ID/RFID cards
  • Fully compatible with bio metric machines
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